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Long story short, golf is a great game. One of the few that you can enjoy with the whole family, AND you can enjoy for your entire life. But, it’s way too expensive.  With the best clubs costing well over a thousand dollars per set, and even public courses charging thirty dollars and up per round, it won’t be long before it’s strictly a rich man’s sport.  Again.  I can’t do anything about the green fees, but the clubs ??  I got your clubs.  🙂

So I decided this would be my way to give back to the sport and the community. I started rounding up used sets, cleaning them up, re-gripping the ones that need it, and putting them out there at a price folks can afford. I may not have the latest and greatest, but what I’ve got is perfectly fine for getting out there and enjoying this great sport. 


Hairy Putters
Hairy Putters

Golf Accessories

Hairy Putters is your go-to for premium golf essentials, featuring complete club sets, iron sets, drivers, hybrids, individual irons, wedges, putters, balls, bags, and accessories. Perfect for both seasoned golfers and beginners, our selection is designed to enhance your game and your enjoyment on the course. 

Stay Tuned

Please watch for upcoming sales and events.  We’ve got way too much stuff to fit in our booth, so we’ll be doing occasional sales from home, as well as on FB Marketplace.  We may even be sharing some ideas and opinions.  Stay tuned.  It’s only gonna get better.  

Sales will be listed here: EVENTS


Visit our booth inside Abandoned Antiques in Millington, TN, for iron sets ranging from $50 to $500.  We also have drivers, putters, individual irons, and over 100 wedges.  Not to mention new and used balls, bags, tees and gloves.  We literally have everything you need to get on the course.

Mon-Sat:  10-6
Sunday: 1-5
Holiday hours may vary